What are Hot Leads?

What are Hot Leads and how are they different from AutoMatch Leads?
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When a homeowner sees your company as a good fit for a job they’ll submit a brief description of their service needs on our website. This becomes a lead in your inbox, text messages, and app alerts. The type of lead alert you receive is up to you. The faster you respond to these leads, the better. You have a greater chance of getting hired if you’re the first pro to talk to the homeowner.

Hot Leads are requests from homeowners that you choose to accept or decline, which helps them stand out from AutoMatch leads because you have the choice of accepting them or not. You won’t pay for a Hot Lead until the homeowner confirms they want to speak with you and you in turn confirm you want the lead. If you want to take the job, you can accept the Hot Lead and we’ll alert the homeowner you’re available for the job. If the homeowner doesn’t confirm or you don’t accept within 30 minutes the lead expires with no charges to your account.

What's the secret to responding to Hot Leads?

  • Build a strong business profile with photos, customer reviews, and the full list of services your company provides. Pros with complete profiles appear more attractive to potential customers.
  • Next, respond quickly to Hot Leads so that the homeowner knows you are interested. Once you and the homeowner match you can view the active lead any time from the CraftJack Pro app and our website.

Does the 20% Speed-to-Call Discount still apply for Hot Leads?

  • Yes! The Speed-to-Call Discount will still apply when you call a Hot Lead within 30 minutes of being accepted. 

Is there a monthly or annual fee?

  • No. You only pay for Hot Leads if the homeowner accepts your invitation to connect.

How do I unsubscribe from Hot Leads?

  • To unsubscribe, reach out to your account manager at  866-332-7134.

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