Adding a license to Lead Manager through Atlas Certified

According to a recent CraftJack survey, 60% of homeowners claim that licenses are important when deciding who to hire for a home improvement project. That’s why CraftJack recommends that all pros to add their professional license information to their Lead Manager profile for homeowners to see. 

When a contractor adds their license information to Lead Manager, we must verify that it’s valid and up to date. CraftJack works with third party Atlas Certified to verify all submitted contractor licenses for specific trades and locations. 

As a contractor, your licensing requirements are dependent on your state and trade guidelines. The timing for the license verification process will also vary based on your location and trade. When the status of your submission changes, you will receive updates from CraftJack through email and text message. 

What do the different license statuses mean? 

Once you have submitted your license to CraftJack for verification by Atlas Certified, you will receive communication showing the status of your submission. Here’s what those messages might say about the verification status of your license:

  • Active–your license has been verified by Atlas Certified, and is now visible to homeowners on your public-facing CraftJack profile.
  • Pending–your license has been submitted to Atlas Certified and is going through the verification process. Timing of verification varies by location and trade, but if you have been waiting on a verification for 10 days or more, please reach out to your CraftJack account manager for assistance.
  • Expired–Atlas Certified can see on your records that your license has expired. In this case, please renew your license through your certifying organization, and resubmit it to CraftJack through Lead Manager.
  • Declined–Atlas Certified has declined to verify your license. This could have happened for a variety of common reasons including incorrect information entered. If this happens, pease reach out to your CraftJack account manager for assistance.

Frequently asked questions

How do I add a license on Lead Manager?
Open Lead Manager and log in using your username and password. If you're on a computer, navigate to Account and select the License tab. If you're on your phone, select the menu button in the top right corner and navigate to Account > License.

What happens if my license is “declined”?
We advise pros to reach out to their account manager if they have questions about why a license may not have been verified. Some next steps:

  1. Resubmit the license
    Double check that the information you submitted matches your licensing documentation exactly. If you identify any errors, try re-submitting the corrected information in the license section of your Lead Manager account.
  2. Renew the license
    Did your license expire recently? Did your information change at all? Contact your professional certifying organization–the local or national group that grants you the license to practice your trade–and make sure everything is up to date.
  3. Contact CraftJack
    If your license is correct and up to date, please reach out to your CraftJack account manager for assistance. Be ready to provide correct and up to date license information, along with the date you may have submitted your information to Atlas Certified originally.

What is a certifying organization?
A certifying organization (sometimes called a cert org) is the official, approved group that grants you your professional license. You may come across this term when going through the license verification process. 

Why does CraftJack recommend proof of a license?
We want to help you get more jobs in your area, and we know that homeowners are more likely to hire licensed professionals. Additionally, for our homeowners, we want to make sure we are connecting them with licensed professionals they can trust with their project.

How can I get a license?
You can obtain a license by reaching out to your local certifying organization for your specific trade to see if that group can provide a license, or by checking your local city and state’s guidelines. We have a list of resources here that can help you get started:

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