CraftJack’s Referral Program

Our community of talented pros is at the core of what CraftJack is all about. Did you know that we offer a bonus if you refer a friend? If you refer a new contractor to CraftJack, you’ll get $75 credited to your account and your friend will get a $25 starting credit. You can refer as many friends as you’d like to continue receiving this credit.

How Do I Refer Friends?

You can refer other friends and business owners through your unique referral link, found in Lead Manager. To locate this:

  • Log into your Lead Manager account or click
  • Locate the box on the right side of the screen that says “Refer A Pro & Get $75 In Free Leads.”
  • Click the button in the box that says “Get My Referral Link.”
  • On the next page, copy the referral link by clicking the green button. 
  • Send via text message, email, or use the other buttons to share on social media.

Use this link to share as much as you would like to get credit for pros that sign up through your link. See the images below for what you'll need to look for.

When Will I Recieve My Referral Bonus?

You’ll receive your credit when your referral has spent their prepayment. Please keep in mind that your referral must also be new to CraftJack when they sign up.

How Many Times Can I Get A Referral Bonus?

There are no limits on how many referral bonuses you can receive, as long as each referral meets the above criteria.

Do you still have questions about the CraftJack Referral Bonus? Contact your account manager today by calling 866-332-7134 or via email

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