What Are Premium Leads?

Choice Match leads are a little different from the AutoMatch leads you typically receive from CraftJack. The main difference is that Choice Match leads occur when a homeowner selects you directly to provide a quote. In contrast, AutoMatch leads are job opportunities that are automatically matched to contractors. 

With Choice Match leads, because homeowners select you to provide a quote, this shows a high level of intent and likeliness to return your message. When a homeowner is expecting your call, you don't have to provide as much background information about your services.

How to Receive Choice Match Leads

Pros receive Choice Match leads via Lead Manager, along with notifications via email, SMS and the CraftJack Pro App available for iOS and Android. Once you receive an Choice Match lead, you can use the information provided to respond to the homeowner via email, phone, or SMS. You'll be able to distinguish Choice Match leads from AutoMatch leads due to the unique identifier used in Lead Manager.

Competition for Choice Match Leads

Choice Match and AutoMatch leads can only match with up to four pros, so the competition for each type of lead is essentially the same. The main difference is that homeowners can review and select pros on their own rather than waiting for automatic matches.

Contacting Choice Match Leads

To contact a Choice Match lead, follow the same process you use to contact an AutoMatch lead. You'll receive a 10-digit number with a 4-digit PIN. Dial the number, use the PIN, and proceed with the call. To receive the Speed-To-Call discount, you must contact the homeowner via the CraftJack Pro App within 30 minutes of receiving a lead. This is the same as it is with traditional AutoMatch leads.

How to Opt Out of Choice Match Leads

You can opt out of Choice Match leads by contacting your account manager or following these steps within Lead Manager:

Log in to Lead Manager.

Navigate to the My Account tab. Click the Lead Purchase Settings subtab.


Scroll down to "Receive Choice Match Leads" and click edit.


Select "No" in the dropdown menu and tap the Save button.

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