Corporate Partner Tools

CraftJack collaborates with industry partners specializing in lead generation, customer relationship management (CRM), marketing, and associations to optimize and simplify your lead generation and marketing efforts.

Hatch is a messaging platform that connects home improvement and home services businesses with their leads over text, email, and phone. From one collaborative inbox, sales teams can instantly message new leads, nurture them pre-sale to post-sale, and automatically follow-up with leads that don’t buy.

CraftJack customers can learn more about Hatch by getting a demo here.

Already a Hatch Customers? Turn on the CraftJack Integration by going to our app marketplace in your Hatch account, and clicking connect with CraftJack under lead sources.

Integration is easy with our API that CraftJack's account management team will complete for you. Consider Hatch before you cancel or delete your CraftJack account. Speed to Call could be your pathway to success!

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