Where do CraftJack’s leads come from?

One of the unique benefits of being a CraftJack contractor is the quality, real-time leads you receive from us. We want to be as transparent with you as possible about where our leads come from. Our goal is always to connect great contractors to a network of homeowners and help you to build that relationship.

When a homeowner searches for a service, we have ads that appear in search bringing them to one of our many websites, allowing them to input their information for us. A few of these sites include ImproveNet, as well as trade-specific sites like localpainterquotes.com and localtreeservicepros.com.

The process doesn't end there, because we want to make sure that all of our leads are qualified. As soon as a homeowner fills out this service request, we immediately use our automated system to call and verify that a working phone number is provided. This call verification also allows the homeowner to cancel the request if it was made by accident.

Once the lead passes our quality verification, it is sent to you via text message, phone call,  app notification, webhook, or email. From here, we let you contact the homeowner and work out the details. Don’t forget, we offer our pros a Speed-To-Call discount, so be sure to contact the homeowner as soon as you get the lead!

Any questions about how we screen our leads or where leads come from? Please reach out to your account manager at (866) 332-7134 or email us at support@craftjack.com.

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