How is CraftJack different from other lead generation services?

Craftjack is committed to providing the absolute best experience available, and this begins with supplying our service providers with quality leads generated by our own advertising. CraftJack does not purchase leads from outside sources and therefore retains control of the history and quality of our leads.

CraftJack also calls each homeowner using our automated system after a service request has been submitted. This enables us to verify the accuracy of the information that has been provided and review expectations for the homeowners before it gets matched with our contractors.

Service providers signed up with CraftJack are never subject to signup, cancellation, or monthly fees. You only pay for leads that you have received from CraftJack. We understand that not every lead purchased will turn into a job. We offer a Speed-To-Call Discount for contractors who call within 30 minutes of receiving the lead. 

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