How is CraftJack different?

You may have used other lead generation sites before and are wondering, how is CraftJack different from other lead generation services? We’re glad you’re here and ready to get more leads using CraftJack.

How CraftJack Is Different

Speaking of account managers, here are a few of their best tips when it comes to getting started with your NEW CraftJack account.

Tips For Getting Started

  • Download the CraftJack Pro app to your device and log in. Make sure you allow notifications for when new leads come through.
  • Log into your account from our Lead Manager website and edit your service area to make sure where you want to receive leads from.
  • Set up your CraftJack profile, include photos and updated contact information.
  • Get acquainted with our budget & billing cycle by watching this video.
  • Since our leads are sent in real-time, prepare to start contacting leads when you sign up. This helpful article includes a few of our favorite tips on how to contact your CraftJack leads. Reminder: Always use our call tracking system so we can help if needed!

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