Are there any monthly fees?

At CraftJack, we think you should only pay for the leads you receive. There are no monthly fees for using CraftJack. Many other lead generation companies have a membership model, meaning that you pay a membership fee to receive a certain amount of leads. We feel strongly that accounts should be managed and suited appropriately to meet the needs of each individual company, which is why we offer the pay-per-lead model.

CraftJack’s lead generation connects you with customers in your area who have submitted a service request through our system. With each lead you receive, you’ll only be charged for that lead and nothing more. 

More Information:

  • To help you budget and plan, we have our system set to allow for a monthly budget spending cap. You can set your budget to what works best for your business. Every service provider has the ability to set their own monthly budget with the opportunity to adjust that number at any time. Read more about your setting your budget here.
  • You have the ability to pause your account and temporarily freeze the leads you receive, for example, if you need a break or are going on vacation, for up to 14 days. Read more about how to pause your account here.

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