How does billing work?

Wondering what makes CraftJack different? CraftJack has no monthly subscription or sign-up fees. We use a pay-per-lead model that means you only pay for the leads you receive. But you might be wondering, how does our billing work?

You will be billed weekly every Friday unless you reach $200 or more of leads. We will bill you when you receive $200 or more in leads before Friday. You will also receive an invoice sent to your billing email address.

Your CraftJack budget resets monthly on the day you signed up with us. Your account is automatically paused when you have reached your budget limit.

What If I Miss A Payment?

For whatever reason you miss a payment, you will continue to get leads through a short grace period of one week. 

Unfortunately, we can’t extend the grace period for longer than a week. At this point, your account will be paused and you will need to pay your remaining balance to become active again.

One of the most common reasons CraftJack contractors miss a payment is because of an expired credit card. This isn’t a problem; you simply need to update your information and our system will auto-collect what is past due. You can do this through Lead Manager or the Pro App on your mobile device.  

Pro App Instructions: Update your billing by navigating to “My Account” and tapping “billing info.” This will bring you to a screen that shows the credit card on file. By tapping that card, you will be able to update your information.

Lead Manager Instructions: Log in using this link and click on “billing info.” From there, you can access the card you want to update and enter the new information.

If you have any other questions regarding CraftJack’s pay-per-lead billing process or payment information, don’t wait. Contact your account manager today by calling (866)332-7134 or by emailing

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