What is a budget limit?

One of the unique features of CraftJack is your ability to set your own budget. Because you only pay for the leads you receive, you also get to choose how much money you’d like to spend within a 30-day period. We call this a “budget-cap.” You’ll never be charged for a monthly subscription with CraftJack. You’ll have the chance to set this budget as soon as you sign up with CraftJack

Your budget with CraftJack resets every 30 days from when you signed up, not on the 1st of the month.

When you’re close to reaching your budget, we’ll let you know. When 75% of your monthly budget has been used, we’ll send an email and text letting you know. At this time, you can choose to increase your budget cap and receive more leads within the 30-day period. Otherwise, when you reach your 30-day budget cap, your account will be automatically paused.

Example: If you set your budget to $500 and receive $400 worth of leads, you will only be invoiced for $400. If you reach your cap before the 30-day limit your account will be paused automatically unless you increase your budget cap.

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Why Should I Raise My Budget?

Your budget is up to you. You can increase your budget cap once and choose to go back to where you had it set. You can do this through Lead Manager.

Many of our contractors who are looking for more leads find success by raising their budget. This helps give you access to new leads that may come through after your budget cap is met.

If you make a payment towards a past bill and you’re still not getting leads, it’s likely because you’ve hit your budget for the month. This is another situation where you can change your budget to get more leads.

As always, if you have any questions please reach out to your account manager at (866)332-7134 or email us at support@craftjack.com

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