What are "Web Hook" lead notifications?

Every Lead Manager account has the option to communicate lead notifications with a web server whenever a new lead is received. These "Web Hooks" can be used to update external customer relationship management software (CRM), trigger custom notifications, or update an external database.

The payload

When a new lead is matched to your account, we'll POST to your URL with a payload of XML-formatted data about the lead and their request. Here is a sample payload:
<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?>
  <Address>3462 Rivendell Drive</Address>
  <ServiceName>Install or Replace Asphalt Roof</ServiceName>
  <Notes>This is a test webhook notification.</Notes>
    <Detail question="Did you request a test webhook notification?">Yes</Detail>
This is sent as a POST with the Content-Type set to "text/xml".
Note: The PhoneNumber field will contain the Speed-To-Call phone number if you are signed up to receive the Speed-To-Call Discount.  The DirectLeadPhoneNumber field will always contain the lead's actual phone number.


When you set up your webhook notification, you can send yourself a test from LeadManager.  If you do not receive anything, there is likely a problem with how your webhook endpoint is set up.  Postman is a very useful tool for troubleshooting these sorts of problems.  It can be obtained here for free:  https://www.getpostman.com/
All you need to do to send yourself a test in Postman after downloading it is create a new POST request, put your webhook url in the url field, and paste the above sample in the body of the request.  Ensure that it is being sent as "text/xml" as shown in this screenshot, and click "Send" when you want to receive the request:

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